by realizing your business benefits 

How do we realize your business benefits together?

Vision & mission

RBBS has a simple but clear purpose realizing your business benefits through projects.


RBBS values that drive how we at RBBS behave

Key success factors

At RBBS we think our key success factors are linked to our commitment to quality: knowledge, experience, adaptability and reliability.

Vision & mission

RBBS wants to be recognized as one of the most innovative and leading digital transformation companies in the Netherlands. Tired of paying excessive hourly rates for consultancy services? Our high-quality standards matches the those of BIG4 companies, but comes ours are offered with at competitive prices. RBBS helps you to successfully implement your IT programs and IT projects and to realize your business benefits. We are committed to two key performance indicators: client satisfaction and employee happiness.



Prepared, first time right and doing the right thing when no one is looking. 


We are straightforward and brutally honest in our feedback. We act with personal integrity, are independent and do not have any hidden agenda.

Sincere attention

We consciously choose our customers and projects. We select them based on fit and make sure that we can realize business benefits that make our clients happy. We prefer long-term engagements with a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 24 months for a limited number of customers, so we can serve you best!

Human focus

Projects lead to change. Change in working methods, controls or systems. We are committed to help end-users to transform and acquire new skills.


A collaboration with RBBS should make people happy and bring joy. We value fun and provide the much-needed relaxation within projects.

Key success factors

Our key success factors are linked to our commitment to quality: knowledge, experience, adaptability and reliability.


Our people have chosen a career path to excel as Program Manager. They continuously strive to expand and improve their project-management knowledge and skills. They know that their intrinsic motivation is key to improve productivity and quality.


We tailor our working method to cater to your needs. We listen before we do.


When you work with us, you will benefit from our accumulated business experience. All our employees have over 15 years of experience. 


You can trust us. We do what we promise and do everything to fulfill the commitment we have made. We know that a lack of motivation can seriously harm project productivity and quality. We make sure to devote full attention to make your project a success.