Who we are

RBBS is a small, specialized company with experienced people. We have all worked at least 15 years in the field of Project Management.

What we do

We realize your business benefits through projects. Together we implement projects on time, within budget and with the right quality. We help you transforming your business.

Why we do it

Most organizations are and will continue to be in a state of continuous change. The relevance of projects is high, as they will directly impact the (future) continuity, the success of your organization and your career

What we do in more detail

RBBS was founded by Maarten Broekhuizen in 2019. After working for 12 years at one of the BIG 4 offices, it was time to start my own company and do things differently. Find out the work we have done and how we realize business benefits together with our clients.



You can hire us as a project leader or steering committee member. We will lead your project and realize your business benefits. 

Quality Control

We asses and improve the quality of your program or project(s). 

Coaching & Learning

We teach your people how they can execute projects themselves successfully.